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Mission Statement:

UNITED VETERANS of MICHIGAN is a non-profit organization that caters to our veterans, active duty servicemen and women and our Gold Star and Blue Star Families. Our mission is to honor, pay respect to, and thank those who serve and sacrifice themselves for our freedom. We take them fishing, hunting and hiking or anything they want to do outdoors. We do this to give them a little R&R and much needed relief from the stress of everyday life, and we offer them an ear to listen to them. We hold multiple fishing trips throughout the year, both on the open water and ice, for everything from perch and bluegill to walleye to sturgeon and everything in between. We also have many hunting excursions for Whitetail Deer and Turkey on private property throughout the state of Michigan. If you are a veteran or know one who may be interested in this, please have them call or message us. We are 100% self-funded, we do this by your donations and our fundraisers, raffles and outdoor shows. If you would like to contact us for a donation, or just to follow or talk with us, you can find us on our Facebook page or go to: unitedveteransofmichigan.org, or contact Ray Black @ 248-895-5864,  Ed Steele @ (248) 413-5106. 

As always, thank you and God bless!


UNITED VETERANS of MICHIGAN is a non-profit organization that caters to our nation’s heroes. We take Veterans and their families, Active Duty Service members and their families, and Gold Star and Blue Star families out into the outdoors for some much needed rest and relaxation from the stress of everyday life. Aside from hunting and fishing trips, we also offer resources for our heroes, from help in finding medical care to making sure their children have a merry Christmas and anything in between. UVM has also started doing a Veteran outreach program. We acquire handicapped equipment to either loan out to, or donate to our nation's heroes! we also work with homeless veterans in trying to get them into their own home.

 We do this with the help of our supporters and the communities we live in. We are actively seeking help from local businesses throughout Michigan for donations of their products and services for our nation’s heroes. This can be anything, From guided hunting or fishing trips to hunting or fishing gear or tackle, or something as small as socks and undergarments. All of your donations are considered a tax write off and 100% of your donation goes either directly to our heroes or helps us support our heroes. If it is something that our heroes can’t use, we will raffle or auction it off at one of our fundraisers and those proceeds will go to helping our heroes get the help they need. In exchange for your contribution to our heroes, we will provide a link to your company on our Facebook page for the rest of the year and promote your company on social media! All of your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Ed Steele

Founder of United Veterans of Michigan